About Us

This is a picture of a surrey floor refinishing pros.

Surrey Floor Refinishing is passionate about hardwood floors. There is nothing else on the planet like it. Vinyl and laminate flooring don’t even come close. You are making the right choice when you choose real, authentic hardwood flooring. This is not a knock against those who desire the look but feel that they cannot afford it. Our impatience is directed towards those who try to sell people on the lie that a photo of wood, glued to a composite is as durable and timeless as hardwood. We offer affordable hardwood flooring. You may be thinking, “Yeah, right! Affordable wood flooring? When pigs fly . . .” Well, we don’t know if you checked the forecast but open the blinds because smoked, hickory bacon is dropping from the sky! Okay, we took that one too far but you’ve got to admit that hiring a company with a sense of humor is better than one who takes themselves too seriously. You should know that we enjoy life and we love what we do.

After 30 years in business we have acquired a veteran staff of 15 wood flooring specialists. Combined, we have 180 years of cumulative experience. Notice that we didn’t type ‘contractors’. A general contractor is very different from a wood specialist. Carpenters are a special breed. Anyone can cut wood but not everyone knows where to cut, how to cut and the precise tool to cut each species with. We know how to work with wood and install it to look great in your home or office.