Custom Staining

This is a picture of a custom staining.

Are you a leader or a follower? Do you follow the trends or do you set them? These are questions you should ask yourself when it’s time to create your bespoke floor stain. If you are comfortable with the status quo then this section is not for you. For those interested in shaking it up and rocking the boat, you’ve come to the right place. If you have a favorite color, we can create a custom stain just for you. Color is not just for your walls. Color is for your floors too. If you have a favorite rug, we can create a custom color to compliment it.

No 2 Colors Are Alike

One thing to keep in mind throughout this entire process is that the same thing that people love about wood is the same thing that leaves them baffled. Isn’t it always that way? Strength can be an attribute in most situations but it can also be detriment when vulnerability is required. Although a particular stain may appear one way on the sample, the stain will take in differently in different locations and will the appearance may vary. We can typically remedy this nuance by apply extra coats in areas that require it. So that you can get an accurate perception, we will apply the stain in three locations on site before we start to stain.

Color Matching

When it comes to color matching, our philosophy is, whatever floats your boat. Some of our clients have a picture of their dream car and the color may be turquoise with a tinge of lavender. Show us the picture and our stain specialist can duplicate it. Many of our clients receive inspiration from sites like Pinterest and magazines like Architectural Digest and Better Homes and Gardens. This is wonderful because the more certain you are the more accurate we can be. If you like your existing stain exactly the way it is, no problem. We can recreate the finish you desire using the preexisting stain as a guide.

New and Refinished Flooring

Custom staining can be applied to new and refinished flooring. New flooring is like a visual artist working from a clean canvas. We don’t need to correct anything or attempt to create a match. Refinished floors require a bit more work. This is okay because we are experts and we love what we do. To achieve the desired result, we must remove the existing stain. The goal is to remove the stain without damaging the wood. The amount of sanding required is dependent upon how deep the initial stain penetrated. Regardless of the approach you can rest easy knowing that the structural integrity of the wood will not be altered.

Get Ready

Preparation of the flooring and surrounding areas is the most time consuming portion of this process. All furniture must be removed and the floor must be clean of dirt, dust and lint. The floor molding must be pried off and cleaned. If there are any stains or other imperfections, we must treat them by sanding or bleaching to create a flawless result. The staining specialist will apply at least three coats of stain. Each coat requires a specified amount of drying time. Oil based stains are more durable yet require more drying time. The final result will depend upon the grade of wood, the age and particular batch.