Hardwood Floor Refinishing

This is a picture of a hardwood floor refinishing.

Before we delve deep into hardwood floor refinishing, we should probably discuss what it is first. Refinishing, resurfacing and restoration are terms that are used interchangeably but they are really quite different. Refinishing and restoration are the exact same thing. They are the least arduous and time consuming of the three. When we refinish or restore commercial and residential hardwood floors, we sand down the top layer to remove the ‘finishing’ and then we apply another ‘finish’ and allow it to dry. This application is perfect for individuals that desire a different stain or sheen. Resurfacing requires a lot more work and time. We’ll get into that a bit later.

The Benefits of Refinishing

Protect your investment and look good while doing it. There are moments when refinishing is the best option. Some floors require resurfacing and are not eligible for refinishing. If you own a home, condo, salon or office and your floors are dirty, dry, have a few gaps and deep scratches, these are surface issues that can be repaired with ease. Refinishing preempts more expensive repairs. It is like maintenance for your floors. If you allow the situation to persist, you can guarantee that more invasive measures will be required to maintain the look and feel of your floors. Refinishing also increases the value of your home and enhances your interior décor.

Beauty Takes Time

“How long will it take?”, is the second most common question that we receive from potential clients. The length of time that it takes to completely refinish your floors depends on the square footage that you’d like us to cover and the condition of your floors along with the type of finish you desire. Oil based finishes require more time to dry while water based finishes require less. At minimum you can expect your floors to be out of commission for 48 hours. We need one day to sand and apply the first coat and a second day to apply the remaining coats. Drying time must also be accounted for.

We Won’t Break the Bank

The first question people ask is, “How much is it?” This is a fair question since everything has a price. While we are unable to provide you with an accurate priced estimate without a complimentary consultation, you can trust that our floor refinishing rates are priced below market value. You won’t find a more cost friendly company. The total cost will be determined by the square footage, condition of the floors plus the type of stain and sheen you prefer. There are very standard finishes and more high tech varieties like UV floor finishes which utilizes a UV curing technology.

The Results Speak for Themselves

You may be wondering if it’s worth it. Moving the furniture, avoiding that area of the house or if you operate a business, shutting down for at least 48 hours can be a lot but we’re doing all the work so that you can relax. Once you see your new floors, it will all be worth it. The moment you enter the room, the difference will be palpable and you will be glad that you did it. Before you sign up, you must be wary of the side effects. The side effects of refinished floors is the intense desire to host a multitude of dinner parties, baby showers and any type of get together where your ego can be fed by the constant flow of luminous compliments.