Wood Floor Restoration

This is a picture of a wood floor restoration.

Don’t be confused by the various terms bandied about. Laypersons as well as professionals use the term restoration and refinishing interchangeably. They are essentially the same process. If your wood floor appears dry, dull and in need of a pick up, a deep cleaning with the appropriate solutions may do the trick. When cleaning will not suffice, contact Surrey Floor Refinishing for professional wood floor restoration. Professional restoration will leave your floor hydrated and looking like new. For a visual representation, the product specialist can show you samples illustrating the difference between a deep cleaned board that has been restored and another that has been resurfaced.

Wood Floor Maintenance

Wood floor maintenance is key. Wood is made from lumber that was once a tree. This tree was living and breathing. Trees are designed to aid life in providing shade and shelter but more importantly they are key in the photosynthesis process. They may seem simple but in reality, they are more complex than meets the eye. Once a tree is transformed into lumber it would make sense that although dead it still requires tender, loving care. To keep your wood floor looking fresh, it is recommended that you dry dust it 3 times per week with a vacuum or micro cloth, deep clean once a month and professionally clean annually.

Oil Based vs. Water Based

Essentially, there are two types of hardwood floor finishes. The first type is an oil based finish. They are characterized as being more durable yet having longer drying times. When applying the finish, multiple coats are required. Oil based finishes necessitate 8-10 hours of drying time between coats. They also have a higher VOC content. VOC is an acronym for volatile organic compound. This means that the odor is more intense. Water based finishes are more expensive yet have a lower VOC content. They require less drying time. In most instances a 2-4 hour drying time is required between coats. The disadvantage is that they require more coats.

Seeing is Believing

You may decide to take matters into your own hands. We empower you to take control over your wood (no pun intended). An educated and empowered client is a good client. The reality is that there is no substitute for a professional wood floor restoration. When restoring a wood floor, there is a finite amount of time to apply multiple coats. Removing the imperfections prior to staining can take the entire weekend. This might be okay if you were not gainfully employed. For those who have responsibilities, the DIY life may not be for you. We can show you the difference between a wood sample that was cleaned versus one that was restored and the difference will be palpable.

The Biggest Investment

For most Canadians, your home is the biggest investment in your life. We pull equity out of our homes when we need extra resources for a holiday, education and home repairs. Canadians sell their homes and use the proceeds from the sale to purchase a larger abode or downgrade into a retirement community. Throughout your lifetime, your home will be there for you. Protect your investment and always make sure that you receive your asking price and loan amount by taking good care of your hardwood floors. Real hardwood floors carry more value for potential homeowners. Even when it is a buyer’s market, homes with wood floors in good condition win each and every time.