Wood Floor Resurfacing

This is a picture of a hardwood floor installation.

Earlier, we mentioned how refinishing and resurfacing were two terms that are used interchangeably but are vastly different in reality. Resurfacing is the more invasive of the two processes. There are more tools required in wood floor resurfacing. When a client requests resurfacing, we do more than sand the top coat and reapply a new finish. Resurfacing may involve replacing floor boards, sanding uneven boards and reinforcing wood planks with new nails.

Refinishing vs. Resurfacing

Since refinishing involves sanding down the old finish and applying a new finish and resurfacing involves repairs plus adding a new finish, what do you think you need? You may be surprised to know that your wood is in worse shape than you thought and actually needs to be resurfaced. Now, don’t go getting dramatic on us. We are not saying that you need a new installation, what we are saying is that you may need to repair some boards and start relatively fresh. The beauty about these processes is that by properly caring for your wood floor, you can create an entirely new look in your home. Go from light to dark or glossy to satin.

Pick your Sheen

Are you more flashy and enjoy being the center of attention or are you comfortable in the background? Examine your personality traits then look around your home. You will find that your preferred aesthetic is an exact match to your personality and that’s how it should be. Our boisterous clients love bright colors and glossy sheens. Our more subdued and introverted clients prefer matte finishes. You have the luxury to choose from a variety of sheen options. Matte, satin, semi gloss and glossy are the four types of sheens available. If you’re unsure, the product specialist can show you some samples along with a stain color wheel for your convenience.

Pick a Color

This is where it gets fun. We source our stains from three different manufacturers. The list is short because these vendors offer superior stains and exceed our client’s needs. Each brand has a variety of colors to choose from. Each color can be blended with another to yield the desired effect. Determine if you prefer a dark or light finish. Believe it or not, grey is trending at the moment. We actually like this treatment because it exudes a light and airy feel. It is perfect or contemporary homes. On the opposite end of the spectrum, ‘true black’ is making a come back. This stain is absolutely gorgeous but keep in mind that the darker the stain, the smaller the room will appear.

Are we There Yet?

Wood floor resurfacing requires a minimum of 48 hours from start to finish. Oil base finishes requires multiple coats and take longer to dry. Usually a 72 hour application and dry time is required. Water based finishes require more coats because the base is less viscous. The advantage is that they only require 48 hours of drying time. If you have more than one entrance, you may opt to stay in the home during this process. Depending on the size of the affected area, you may need to shut down operations until the process is complete. The VOC content is higher in oil finishes, which means that the smell is less tolerable. If you are concerned for the health of your family and employees, you may opt to vacate.